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Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

Question: How does this relate to OSI-CAN and PEER Support?

Peer Support along with all the Clinical Support hopefully provides a new reference point, a new start, even though it may begin with baby steps. We all have individual starting points and how we move forward is the key.

I know in my personal life it is easy to get stuck at the Y in the road. To me that decision to move left or right is the difficult part. Once I make that decision based on all the pluses and minuses, along with other common-sense factors I am able to move forward.

Prairies to Peaks provides a template.

FIVE STEPS TO PROBLEM SOLVING … A problem is a situation or set of conditions that are preventing you from doing what you want to do.

  1. PROBLEM: Clearly identify and state the problem

  2. IMPACT: Identify how you are impacting the problem

  3. COST/BENEFIT: Explore the pros and cons of solving the problem

  4. BRAINSTORM: Come up with 3-5 ways to address the problem

  5. ACTION: Pick 1-2 ways to begin to address the problem and create an action plan

HOPE. The belief that you have the ability, the opportunity and the supports to engage in the recovery process and develop your meaning and purpose in life.

These are weekly topics that can be considered prior to our group meeting. It is meant to be available as a topic of discussion during the group meeting or for someone physically unable to attend the meeting but available to discuss via text, phone or just simple reflection.

Peer Support Group Leader, Leigh

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