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Healing With Horses Reset Event

A supportive place to find the calm within the storm

           Spouses/Partners are encouraged to attend any of the events. 



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Veterans, Public Safety Personnel and all Uniform Services  

Spouses/Partners are encouraged to attend 


Why should you attend >>>

If you find yourself

*quick to anger,

*lacking patience,

*unable to shut off,

*vigilant even off the job,

*feel disconnected with those around you,

*feel no one understands,

*are a support and don’t understand how to help

*feel at a loss,

 *want to feel peaceful

*want a sense of calm

*need to  release tension

Join us for our

Non-riding Horse Therapy & more...

30 minutes east of Regina

(More details at the bottom of this page... keep scrolling)

                          Tickets are $45 per person

If the $45 is a barrier to someone's ability to attend the Healing with Horses Reset, then that person should contact us at to secure funding.

Donations are also accepted to allow people to attend without cost!

August 19-20, 2023 (Regina Area)

Registration in the link provided.

 For anyone travelling with their camper trailer or RV, there is plenty of parking at the sites. If you are travelling without accommodations, please let us know, no later than 2 weeks prior to the event. We will arrange lodging for you at no cost

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OSI-CAN stands for Operational Stress Injury Canada. It also stands for “Oh Yes I Can” find healing.

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One participant has said, “The experiences this weekend have given me hope and a sense of being able to have a future. Its been a long time since I have felt either of these things.”


Biographies of Leaders:

Julius Brown

Morag Currin

Nicola Sherwin-Roller

Sherry Lafaver

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      Why Horses?

Horses mirror our feelings and energy.


A horse's electrical field is larger and stronger than ours and their heartbeat is much slower as well.  This has a calming effect and teaches symptom management.

Horses teach us how to communicate clearly with intent.



 Healing with Horses Reset Events provide the following activities and benefits:

  • Team building equine therapy exercises

  • Art Therapy 

  • Meditation Exercises

  • IRest Therapy for those experiencing sleep difficulty

  • Learning tools for support

  • Bilateral Exercises

  • On-site counsellors

Develop empathy, trust, respect, patience & ...  IT'S FUN!


“Healing our hearts is something horses do effortlessly” Kathleen Prasad.

-Art Therapy/Bilateral work
-Irest and meditation practice
-peer support groups for members and their supports
-nature therapy
-counsellors and peer supports are available on hand
-mindful movement and labyrinth

What else is at the event?

This event combines many different nature and body based modalities to give an optimal healing experience. Each of these processes are tried and tested to assist with trauma, brain injury and calming the system. They also assist with relaxation and sleep recovery, enhancing the immune system.


There is no mandate to share or talk, even if you quietly take it in most people find they walk away more relaxed, feeling a sense of peace they have not felt in a long time and more hopeful about the future.

Who should attend >>>

-Armed Forces/RCMP: Currently serving and former members from Canada and other countries.


-Public Service: Municipal Police services, Fire Service Agencies, Dispatchers, Paramedics, conservation officers, animal control.


-Medical and Counselling Professionals:  Doctors, Nurses, ER staff, medics, counsellors, therapists, psychologists, social workers.


-Community Supports: Child Protection workers, Victims Services Workers, Crown Prosecutors, Tow Truck Drivers, Scene Clean-up staff.


-Supports: Spouses, Partners, Adult Family members, close friends.

-If you and your career are not listed above, please contact Julius Brown to see if you qualify: 1-306-552-3801 or

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With Smartphone, click here

August 19-20, 2023

Regina Location:


From Regina head East to Winnipeg -Trans Canada Hwy 1

(Use Google maps to find St Joseph’s or click on the map on this webpage)

 towards Balgonie -- watch for the St. Joseph Colony turn --   approx 7.3 km from Balgonie  -- Watch for the Pioneer Grain Elevator -- Merge to the South lane on Hwy 1 after passing the elevator -- watch for houses South of Hwy 1 & look carefully for a SMALL sign on the South side of Hwy 1 that reads

St. Joseph's Colony

>>>> TURN SOUTH AT THE DIRT ROAD -- drive for half a mile -- pass by Digger Drive on the West side -- continue on to St. Joseph's Cemetery 

>>>>TURN AT YOUR FIRST LEFT (BEFORE ST. JOSEPH'S CEMETERY SIGN) AND BEFORE YOU GET TO THE HAMLET OF HOUSES, Go left at the fork (on your right is St. Paul's St.) and continue to drive East on Colby Dr. (not marked) -- parallel to Hwy 1 -- Drive through a hamlet of houses on Colby Dr. and continue driving past Benson Bay and Edward St. -- Once past Edward St. -- look for the 3rd driveway on the South side with a fence -- the sign on the fence will display the land description # NE051816W2

“The art therapy piece was incredible. It really went deep. I am amazed at how much I released without even having to talk.”


“It feels so calming to be with the horses”

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Regina Event GPS Coordinates

N 50 Degrees 29.85 Minutes

W 104 Degrees 10.013 Minutes

Questions? Contact us.

Julius Brown 

OSI-CAN Provincial Director 

CMHA SK, 2702-12th Avenue, Regina, SK S4T 1J2

Cell 306-552-3801 / Toll Free 1-888-495-6068

or email Healing with Horses Reset (HHR)

      Please wear attire according to the weather and ranch environment.

                    NO SANDALS!

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Attachment about Art Therapy:

Forms to bring in to Regina Event - Please read, print, and bring to the event!

We at OSI-CAN do not see PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as a Disorder, we see it as an Injury from which you can recover.  If you are suffering from the symptoms of an Occupational or Operational Stress Injury, then a PTSD or PTSI diagnosis is not required to get our help!

OSI-CAN Target Demographic

The target demographic of OSI-CAN are but are not limited to: former and serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces, Allied Armed Forces, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Frontline Protectors in the public and private sectors --- Municipal Police Services, CN Police Services, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Protection Services, Wildland Firefighters, Hospital Trauma personnel, Nurses, Healthcare Workers, Crown Prosecutors, Social Workers, Animal Control Officers, Coroners, Indigenous Emergency Management, Victim Services Personnel, Emergency Communications Specialist, Corrections Officers, “Volunteer” First Responders, Conservation Officers, Tow Truck drivers, Persons who in the performance of their jobs are exposed to criminal acts of Trauma. We also provide supports to the spouses and significant others of those exposed to such trauma.  This demographic was chosen due to the commonality of experiences they share through the service they provide to the country and community. We have a special interest and support volunteer first responders as they may not have proper access to support.

OSI-CAN is a program of:

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In Partnership with:

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With the Support of:

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