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Let's start this week feeling FREE to live life the way we want, and to heck with what anyone else thinks. Life is far too precious and short to be expending energy on trying to fit in or worrying what others think or say about us. So.... ACTION - pick 1 THING in your life that you're currently concerned about what others think (e.g what you do, how you live, what you wear, what they think of you generally etc.). Then today, simply repeat the mantra below to yourself as often as possible... MY LIFE, MY WAY MY LIFE, MY WAY MY LIFE, MY WAY MY LIFE, MY WAY MY LIFE, MY WAY... Because at the end of the day, when all is said and done, the ONLY PERSON you will truly care about the opinion of is yourself. Death bed regrets do not include, "Oh I wish I had conformed more!"

Forget about fitting in. You are special. You have your own path. You are here to walk it. Go with what FEELS good and right to you. You're the only one walking in your shoes, and with practice you'll learn to love and trust yourself completely, to the point you won't care about trying to fit in or about what others think of you.

The preceding is an excerpt from an email from The Daily Positive,

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