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The below is documented for the purpose of creating a discussion around the purpose and value of PEER SUPPORT.

The following is a statement from Recovery Innovations located out of Phoenix, AZ.

“When peers begin to work in the mental health system, recovery is accelerated in three ways.

The peer’s own recovery is strengthened.

The peer helps others recover.

The peers helps the agency and/or the system recover



First, there is a sense of gratitude that is manifested in compassion and commitment.

Second, there is insight into the experience of internalized stigma.

Third, peers address the “you do not know what it’s like” feeling in their peer.

Fourth, they have had the experience of moving from hopelessness to hope.

Fifth, they are in a unique position to develop a relationship of trust with their peers.

Sixth, they have developed the gift of monitoring their illness and managing their lives holistically, both mind

and body.

The above was taken from Prairies to Peaks Consulting, Inc. PEER Support Training Manual

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