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Am I alone

The below noted is for the purpose of creating a dialogue internally within ourselves or during a support group meeting.


How often have I felt that even with family and friends around me, a part of me isn’t there? It’s a distant feeling and yet for the most part it is one that is never far away. Since each one of us is different this can seem a minor irritation or one that presents a struggle to maintain balance.

In the context of Peer Support, everyone has a shared experience that bridges occupations where Occupational Stress Injury is a factor. Whether a person comes from a military background or in the field of being a first responder. We are all equals. The experiences are different but the impact is the same. Many times not only is the support in listening but in sharing of experiences in a positive way.

The Peer Support concept is based on support. To initiate Recovery we need to be able to control our comfort zones and move forward at our own pace.

“Am I alone” begs the question “Do I need to feel alone” and the answer is NO without question. The terms must be set individually to our own needs with a little bit of support from those who have shared experience. Peer Support provides a path to better cope and moves forward even though it might be small steps.

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