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Your story may become part of someone else's survival guide

Become a community-based Peer Support Facilitator
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OSI-CAN is currently recruiting Saskatchewan military/ veteran members and first responders interested in becoming support facilitators within an OSI-CAN support group.

Preferred Qualifications:
1. Interested peers are involved in Fire, EMS, Corrections, Police, Military or frontline health-care – either current or retired
2. Have lived-experience and understand the journey of recovery
3. Be in a stable place in their own recovery to facilitate and support other peers
5. Have formal peer support training or experience (not required)
6. Can commit to three-day training provided and paid-for by OSI-CAN
7. Be available to facilitate or co-facilitate at least once per month

If you have the qualifications, please fill out the recruitment form below. A member of the OSI-CAN program will be in touch for further information.

Peer Facilitator Application
Are you currently working or retired, etc: Select an option
Have you experienced operational stress or post traumatic stress lived experience?
Do you have Peer Support experience?
Can you commit to four days training provided and paid for by OSI-CAN?
Are able to facilitate or co-facilitate at least once per month?

Thanks for submitting!

OSI-CAN Target Demographic

The target demographic of OSI-CAN are but are not limited to: former and serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces, Allied Armed Forces, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Frontline Protectors --- which include Municipal Police Services, CN Police Services, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Protection Services, Wildland Firefighters, Hospital Trauma personnel, Nurses, healthcare Workers, Social Workers, Animal Control Officers, Coroners, Indigenous Emergency Management, Victim Services Personnel, Emergency Communications Specialist, Corrections Officers, “Volunteer” First Responders, Conservation Officers, Aboriginal Emergency Services personnel, Tow Truck drivers who clean up accident scenes, Persons who in the performance of their jobs are exposed to criminal acts of Trauma like Prosecutors as one example, and their spouses/partners. This demographic was chosen due to the commonality of experiences they share through the service they provide to the country and community. We have a special interest and support volunteer first responders as they may not have proper access to support.

OSI-CAN is a program of:

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In Partnership with:

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With the Support of:

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